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The Missions

You have a choice of 2 missions to undertake. Each will place you within a story line in unusual surroundings, use your wits and cunning to find the connections, solve the clues and ultimately escape!

Framedon Chaweng Beach


Nick Rigby and his friend Kevin had too much to drink yesterday on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui. Nick woke up this morning and can’t locate his passport, money or hotel key. He cannot find Kevin.

His leg is heavily bandaged… but how?

He’s leaving the island today and without his passport the balance of his round the world ticket will be cancelled.

Your role is to help him find his belongings and find out what happened…

What were they framed for last night? He has only 1 hour to make his flight… every moment is critical.

Takenfrom the Irish Bar


Alex Riordan is missing! His father received a garbled message and the kidnappers threat to call again in 1 hour with a ransom request.

Alex runs a popular Irish Pub in Koh Samui. His marriage is, to say the least, strained. Alex had been attending a mysterious Doctor but he appears healthy. Also, a strange woman was seen coming from Alex’s house the previous evening.

You have been asked by Alex’s distraught father to use this hour to find out what has happened to Alex, before the kidnapper calls again and the police become involved. Hurry, his life is on the line!


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Read what our customers say

Kenny L: “Good Fun”

This was recommended to me by some “gamer” friends who had played it. It isn’t normally my thing, or so i thought. But if i am to be honest, I really enjoyed it. (Don’t tell my friends.) The rooms were not what I expected to find above an Irish pub. Check out the photos. The game was challenging but fun at the same time. We did manage to escape on time, with a little help from their lovely staff. ;) All in all, a good experience. Might give the other one a go before I leave Samui. Needed a beer after it. Lucky there was a bar downstairs! Read on…

cdw13: “Something a little different”

A fun hour stretching your mind with out of the box thinking. Great host who guides you through if, or when, you get stuck in the game. There is a choice of two different games to choose from and a nice change from the shops and bars along the road. Highly recommended! Read on…

Mike D: “So much fun!”

After picking up the brochure for Escapade in the Samui airport, my wife and I knew we had to play to take a break from lounging at the beach/pool. We played the “Taken” game and had an absolute blast! It was challenging at times, but a gamemaster is only a wave of the hand away to provide a hint should you need one. In fact, we had so much fun that we came back after dinner to play the beach game! It is equally as challenging and fun. I highly recommend a visit to Escapade for a fun and unique experience! Read on…


  What is Escapade Samui

We are Samui’s first independently run escape game venue. If you check out the word “Escapade” on it has two meanings
  1. A reckless adventure or wild prank and
  2. An Escape from Confinement.
At Escapade, we have combined these meanings to create fun games for you to solve. All stories have their root in Samui and it’s culture. You are in Samui to have fun. in Escapade you remain on the island, whether that story takes you to the Beach or a Bar.


We are in Chaweng, on the Beach Road upstairs at Tropical Murphy’s Irish Pub.  If you are in Taxi or Songthaew ask for Tropical Murphy’s. If you are driving it is better to park on the Chaweng Lake road at the McDonalds and Pizza Company sign and walk through to the Beach road (only 50 meter walk to Tropical Murphy’s)


An escape game is a fun and engaging activity for small teams of 2-5 people. You’ll only have 60 minutes to “escape”, and to do that you’ll need to work as a team to solve a series of puzzles that will test your logic, lateral thinking and ingenuity.


The rooms are primarily designed so you can think your way out; however, you will be required to move around the room and possibly move items into place. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too strenuous (although sometimes things get quite tense in there!).


Don’t worry! Our puzzles have been designed to be difficult enough to provide a challenge while at the same time ensuring that everyone involved has a great time. We’ve designed a wide variety of different puzzles that need all different types of skills to tackle. The challenges are part Sherlock Holmes and part McGyver! Therefore logic comes into play, as does ingenuity of using  and combining any available materials to find things. Remember, you are not the only person in there, teamwork is required to claim victory and everyone has something to contribute, so ask your friends! If after all your efforts you’re still stuck, don’t despair. A Game Master is watching your every move on a monitor and will be able to provide you with a hint or two… or however many you need.


No, definitely not! While the phrase, “Escape Room” may imply that you have to solve the puzzles to get out, our games focus on completing several objectives with the ultimate goal of completing the story. You and your teammates are free to leave the room at any time you wish, although we recommend that you stay inside the room until you complete it to enhance your experience. Please remember that a specific Game Master, dedicated to each group, is constantly monitoring your progress, so if anyone is uncomfortable you can signal to the Game Master.  If you’re still in the room after the timer has expired, we’ll also help you out of there.


We recommend that groups arrive no later than 15 minutes before their allocated time slot. Before each game you’ll have a short briefing session covering some basic rules and an introduction to the story. The game itself lasts 60 minutes, and we also encourage you to hang around after your game to discuss how it went and take some (hopefully post-victory) photos.


The pricing scheme at Escapade depends on the number of people you bring to play. The more people you bring, the less you pay per person. So bring your friends! Check out our pricing structure here (link)


We’re always trying to make sure you and your group have the best experience possible by coming up with fresh and creative ideas that are unique to us. Our game stories are al based in Samui, and the fun things that can happen on Samui. Our goal isn’t to prove intellectual supremacy or squeeze you of all your cash, rather we only aim to put a smile on your face and bring out the best in you and your team. We think that our completely original puzzle ideas and combined with our particular blend of story telling will make your time with us unforgettable. But more importantly, we don’t think Escapade should be your only choice. We love escape games and hope that you do too! If you visit us and have a good time, why not check out some other games in Samui? Come in and ask us which other games we’re fans of and we’ll be glad to provide our honest opinions.


Yes. We have 2 identical versions of each game. If the group is 6 or more, and with sufficient notice, we can facilitate breaking the group into 2 teams to simultaneously play identical games. The fun it creates afterwards is fantastic. We can also split up larger groups to run consecutive games. Please contact us for more information and we’ll send you all the details you need to have a great day.




Escapade Samui Co., Ltd.

14/40 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road
(Above Tropical Murphy’s Irish Pub)
Bophut, Koh Samui,
Surat Thani 84320

Booking Hotline: 099 801 67 60

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